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We love conducting research with real world practical outcomes. Some examples of this type of research can be seen in the books Engaging Uninvolved Communities in Urban Forestry: It’s About More Than Trees; Growing an Educational Garden at Your School: a Study of the Hawaii Experience; and What is the Environment Anyway? A Study of Children’s Perceptions of the Environment.


Our Most Popular Presentation is The Power of Plants to Transform Communities. Workshops and presentations can be tailored from a 1/2 hour visual journey to 1/2 day intensive workshop. The Power of Plants to Transform Communities is a great conference topic for community gardeners and urban greeners. It works well in conjunction with community development and empowerment workshops. It is also a very visual and inspirational look at gardens and gardeners in a range of geographic settings across the U.S. A one-hour presentation is an excellent way to kick off your garden start-up or entice attendees to a garden annual event or membership drive.

Program Evaluation

NatureTalks excels at assisting program leaders with evaluations and assessments. We examine your goals, objectives, strengths and shortfalls to help define a strong path for the future. See Research and Program Evaluation and Current Projects for more about our program evaluations.

Planning an Urban Greening Project

NatureTalks specializes in working with groups in the planning stage of a gardening project. Quite often new gardeners are so anxious to get their hands in the dirt that they jump right in before spending much time discussing and designing. The planning aspects of a garden project are generally what makes a garden sustainable and long lasting. See Before you Dig and Starting an Urban Greening Project.

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